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8 Amazing Airstream Hotels for Airstream Glamping in California

Considering Purchasing an Airstream? Check Out These Airstream Hotels in California First!

There are many different types of campers available for purchase, but the best travel trailer is an Airstream. These American-made campers have a unique rounded shape and hand-built aluminium shells that are designed to last for many generations. If you have been considering jumping on the Airstream camping bandwagon and buying an Airstream, you may want to consider checking out a few of the Airstream hotels in California first. 

These Airstream hotels will allow you to experience Airstream glamping firsthand and even have you determining which Airstream features you simply cannot live without. Of course, the Airstream hotels will also let you know exactly what size Airstream travel trailer you need for all your future adventures!

Check Out These Airstream Hotels in California

Autocamp at Russian River

Airstream glamping is amazing at the AutoCamp at Russian River because you will find yourself surrounded by native Redwood trees in Sonoma Wine Country. Upon your arrival at this Airstream hotel in California, you will discover that you are staying in one of the newer Airstream campers. 

Airstream hotel AutoCamp Russian River
Bonfire at AutoCamp Russian River

Inside the custom-built Airstreams, you will find a queen-size bed, spa-like bathroom, a modern sofa, and a kitchen with everything you need to prepare basic meals. Add in the flat-screen television and fire pit, and you have all the comforts of home within the rustic outdoors. 

During your stay, you can walk to the river, hike amongst the Redwoods, and explore the downtown area of Guerneville. 



AutoCamp at Yosemite

Many people may rough it during a stay at Yosemite National Park, but you don’t need to if you choose to stay at AutoCamp at Yosemite. There are different Airstream suites to choose from, so you won’t need to settle for second best during your Airstream glamping experience. While the classic Airstream will give you everything you need, the vista Airstream suite will give you the most tranquillity with gorgeous mountain views. The vista Airstream also offers a sofa that turns into a bed, so you have room for even more people during your camping adventure. 

Yosemite National Park is a quick trip away by shuttle, but you will want to take time to visit the historic town of Mariposa as well. Nights will be spent gathering around with others on the heated outdoor furniture and by the fire pits. 

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Hicksville Trailer Palace at Joshua Tree

The Hicksville Trailer Palace has quite a few unique places to stay, but the best options are the Airstreams. You can choose from the New World, Integratrailor, and the Lux. The New World offers a large bedroom complete with a queen-sized bed, full bathroom, bunk beds, and a full kitchen for all your cooking needs. This forty-foot trailer is from the 1950s, and it has been used by past guests for editing many movies. 

The Integratrailor has an alien theme complete with an alien communication system and star machine. The Lux has a Cramps theme and it is a cozy place for Airstream glamping. It has enough space for two people, and you can really have some fun with the jukebox at night. 

This is one of the best Airstream hotels in California because there are plenty of amenities and activities for you to enjoy. Add in the fact that the entire hotel is powered by solar and you will love how you are helping the environment during your little adventure. 

Kate’s Lazy Desert Near Joshua Tree

Kate’s Lazy Desert is one of the Airstream hotels in California. This Airstream hotel offers six different vintage Airstream options. Each vintage option has been restored to its original glory, so you will always feel at home during your stay. 

The Red Stripe Tiki is a kitschy novelty Airstream glamping option, but so are the other five, with the Yellow Stripe Hairstream being the most popular. When you are not living it up in your Airstream, you can hike through Joshua Tree National Park and the Yucca Valley. Nights will bring lots of stargazing, but you must remember to bundle up for the desert cold!

Hollywood Hills Luxury Airstream in Hollywood Hills

One of the most unique Airstream hotels in California is this one over in Hollywood Hills. You will find this Airstream more than one thousand feet above sea level and not too far from the infamous Hollywood sign. While the inside of the Airstream is filled with all the luxuries of home, you will spend most of your time outside. It is out there where you will find yourself relaxing on the modern deck with its three hundred sixty-degree views. 

Check out this Hollywood Hills Airstream on Airbnb.

Highway West Vacations in Buellton and Borrego Springs

You won’t be able to resist the beauty and temptation of these Airstream hotels in California. These two Airstream properties can be found within Palm Canyon and Santa Barbara wine country.  The interior of the Airstream campers is quite modern, and you will love all the little touches like iPads on the desk, flat-screen televisions, and wine refrigerators. When you are not inside, you can participate in the many different activities like bocce or gathering around the fire pit. 

This might be wine country, but there are also a couple of breweries you can check out during your stay. If you are in the Palm Canyon area, you can explore the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 

Caravan Outpost in Ojai

The eleven Airstreams at the Caravan Outpost will take your Airstream glamping to the next level. Each one offers sleeping for up to five guests, as well as a full bathroom. There is a central courtyard complete with a fire pit, which is perfect for getting to know your Airstream neighbors. 

Add in the opportunity to ride a bike to the nearby shops and restaurants, as well as hiking, and you may never want to go home! It is best to relax on one of the hammocks or loungers in the morning with a cup of coffee, as you watch the sun rise over this entire Airstream hotel in California. 

Wellspring Ranch in Cayucos

The Airstream at the Wellspring Ranch in Cayucos is twenty-seven feet long and it is filled with everything you can want and more. Instead of using the indoor kitchen, you may find yourself drawn to the massive outdoor kitchen space instead. After wandering around the five miles of trails and relaxing by the pond, you can grab a shower at the Oborain outdoor showers. 

If you have always wanted to go Airstream glamping, these Airstream hotels in California are the perfect places to get started. Once you have stayed in at least one, you will easily see how purchasing your own Airstream will enhance your future adventures by more than you could ever imagine. 

Thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing an Airstream? 

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