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The Best NFL stadiums for RV Tailgating

The Best NFL stadiums for RV Tailgating

Have you ever thought about bringing your RV to an NFL game? Or maybe you already have and you’re looking for more action. In either scenario, we’ve got you covered.

RV tailgating at a football can be an incredible experience. There’s barbeque grills with burgers sizzling on them at all hours of the day, bean bags flying through the air for cornhole, and of course, thousands of energetic fans ready for their home team to show the visitors who’s boss.

But you don’t want to attend just any football game with your RV. It’s true that some fans are just lucky and happen to live near a great stadium, but if you don’t live close to where the party’s at, it’s not difficult to bring your RV to the party. Plan on getting a little rowdy? No problem. Some stadiums even have exclusive lots for RV campers so that fans can stay overnight before and after the game. 

If you’re planning to make a trip out of it, there are dozens of awesome attractions to check out around these stadiums too. Many out of state visitors will take a few extra days after the game to explore the surrounding area. Other times, many RV travelers from out of state discover during their travels that tailgating at an NFL game is a possibility and decide they don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Of course, if you live near one of these great NFL stadiums to begin with, you don’t need to travel very far to tailgate in your RV. In that case, if your stadium is on this list, you’ll definitely get bragging rights. That’s your opportunity to show those out of state visitors how you party at your home field. 

Whatever your situation, these top 5 NFL stadiums to tailgate with your RV are sure to knock your socks off.  Read on to find out which stadiums we’ve handpicked for an exceptionally good time.

Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin

Lambeau Field - Green Bay Packers - Best NFL Stadiums for RV tailgating
Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

Where else can you go in the country to party with a giant foam block of cheese on your head? It’s true what they say – nobody parties like Packers fans know how to party. Even in subzero temperatures, Green Bay football fans can be found camping out, grilling hotdogs, and throwing around the old pigskin. Did we mention that the beer is always flowing as well?

Although you can’t stay overnight in the parking lot of Lambeau Field, there are several campgrounds nearby that offer RV lots to camp in. If you want to bring your RV to the game to tailgate during the day, just be sure that it fits in one of the 9×18 foot parking spaces provided. Otherwise, you’ll have to park further away in one of the overflow lots. 

If you do plan on driving into the stadium parking lot, you’ll also want to make sure that you buy your parking pass well in advance, typically before the season even starts. Single game parking passes usually sell out fast and generally cost around $100 per game. On the bright side, if you’re lucky enough to get a parking pass in advance, and you don’t mind shelling out the additional cash, you’ll be front and center to one of the best tailgating experiences of your life. 

If you can’t get a parking pass though, it’s no sweat. There are plenty of free parking spaces available up and down the residential streets surrounding the stadium. As an added bonus, you can still walk into the tailgating lots to connect with friends or to make new friends!

Want to catch some additional action while you’re in the area? Don’t miss out on Walk of Legends and the Packers Heritage Trail. You’ll be able to learn about the history of Football in Green Bay, all the way back to 1895! In addition, the Bay Beach Amusement Park, the Automobile Gallery, and the Green Bay Botanical Gardens are all well worth a visit. 

Soldier Field – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago – Circa May 2018: Past meets Present at Soldier Field. Original colonnade facade stands guards in front of the modern glass renovation

Are you a Chicago Bears fan? If so, this next mid-western NFL stadium also packs a punch when it comes to RV tailgating. 

RVs and buses generally park and tailgate in the Adler Planetarium lot. There is limited space available, so it’s definitely recommended to purchase your pass a few days before the game. Each pass costs about $25 and is good for the entire day of the game. However, keep in mind that there is no overnight parking allowed in the Planetarium lot, so you’ll want to make additional plans for a campground to stay in. 

Some great RV campgrounds nearby include: MWR Navy Great Lakes RV Campground, Chicago Northwest KOA Holiday, Blackwell Family Campground, Emerald Trails Campground, and Camp Bullfrog Lake. Though there are dozens more RV campgrounds to choose from surrounding the city, so your options aren’t limited by any means. 

Tailgating at Soldier Field is a long-standing tradition and the lots are set up to maximize fun for guests. There are distinguished spaces for RV campers, but since most people tailgate in the Adler Planetarium lot anyways, joining the rest of the crowd is incredibly easy. Be sure to bring a few layers of clothing, enough food to last for 8+ hours, and possibly a few extra ping pong balls. 

If you intend on parking in the Planetarium lot, you’ll want to make sure that you have a ticket to the game as well. The traffic directors at the gate reserve the right to turn guests away if they don’t have one. If you can’t find space at the Planetarium lot, you can also check the Waldron lot, and Lot B on 31st Street at McCormick Place. You’ll find RV campers tailgating in each of these locations, and they’re all still within a close walking distance to the stadium.

When it comes to food options, you’re likely to find your common tailgate cuisine: sliders, brats, ribs, chili, corn on the cob, and so on. However, to experience the full effect of Chicago, you should definitely pick up or stop in for some deep dish pizza as well. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Chicago-style pizza. It’s enough to keep you going all day, despite the possibility of chilly weather during the game.

Gillette Stadium – Foxborough, Massachusetts

gillette stadium New England patriots tailgating RV

After Tom Brady left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, everyone was wondering what would happen to the New England Patriots. As it turns out, not much has changed. The team is winning games, the fanbase is still as supportive as ever, and tailgating at Gillette Stadium is still an absolute blast!

Did you know that the Patriots also represent several surrounding states? That’s right. Places like Vermont, Delaware, Maine, and New Hampshire don’t have state NFL teams. That’s what makes Patriot games all the better, because they’re playing for fans throughout the entire northeastern part of the U.S. For that reason, their games are more energetic than possibly anywhere else in the nation.

If you’re looking to bring your RV to a game, you’re in good company. Gillette Stadium has a huge stadium lot where guests can participate in all of the tailgating festivities. If your RV will fit in one of the 9×18 spaces provided, you’ll be able to park in the main lot. Otherwise, you’ll need to park in the overflow lot. Fortunately, however, the tailgating party extends throughout the entire parking lot, so you’ll definitely still be in the center of the action if you’re parked in the overflow lot. 

While the tailgating experience at Gillette Stadium is undoubtedly incredible, it comes with a price. General parking for cars is $50 on arrival. For RVs or buses, that price increases to $150. There’s no overnight parking in the lot, but there are dozens of campgrounds in the surrounding area, such as: Normandy Farms Campground, Circle CG Farm Campground, and the Canoe River Campground.

Be sure to stop by the ocean if you’re heading in from out of state. It’s only a half hour to 45-minute drive from the stadium. Of course, since you’ll be on the eastern seaboard, you can’t miss out on grabbing some New England clam chowder and a few lobster rolls while you’re at it. You can also check out the Patriots Hall of Fame, or head into downtown Boston for some eclectic eateries and historic tours.

Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City, Missouri

Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City Chiefs tailgating RV

Anyone who has been tuned into the NFL for the past few years knows that the Kansas City Chiefs are on fire. Their incredible winning streak has made their fanbase even larger. Any kind of tailgating is already going to be a fun experience, but when you have a crowd-pleasing team being cheered on by tens of thousand enthusiastic fans, the energy is out of this world.

RV tailgaters are considered oversized vehicles and will be required to park in the western and northern lots around Dubiner Circle. There is a $120 parking fee for RVs entering the tailgating lots. However, guests can arrive 4.5 hours before kickoff, making it easier to secure a prized parking spot. Since games typically start around noon, this means you can arrive at 8:30 AM to take full advantage of the tailgate party prior to the game. 

To make things easier, the Truman Sports Complex where the Chiefs’ stadium is located is also located directly off of I-70, so getting to your parking spot is a breeze. However, it’s still recommended that you arrive early to beat the traffic. Once you’re in the lots, you can walk around to mingle with fellow fans, or simply take advantage of the action taking place around your parking space. There is truly no one way to experience tailgating at a Kansas City Chiefs’ game.

Finally, when it comes to food, don’t expect to see your usual burger flipping going on. Sure, there are plenty of people who still bring burgers, but in Kansas City barbeque is a huge part of the tradition. Therefore, if you’re looking to make your experience as authentic as possible, we suggest you bring your favorite food for the barbeque. Ribs, wings, shrimp, pork chops, you name it–if it’s considered barbeque then you’re golden. 

When it comes to extracurriculars, there are several fun activities to enjoy before and after game day. You’ll be close to downtown Kansas City, so that’s always a great bet. In addition, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Starlight Theater, and the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures are well worth visiting.

Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas, Nevada

allegiant stadium Las Vegas Raiders tailgating RV

Previous to their move from Oakland, California, Raiders fans were well-known for their notorious tailgates. Now that they’ve moved to a newly constructed stadium in Las Vegas, their fans have brought that tradition with them. Fans can start tailgating up to four hours before kickoff, and they often do! Even for games earlier in the day, Raiders fans can’t get enough of the tailgate action.

The stadium is located just on the other side of Hacienda Avenue, near the Vegas Strip. To give you an idea of how close it is, if you were to walk from the Mandalay Bay hotel, it would only take you 15 minutes to reach Allegiant Stadium. It’s also especially easy to enter and leave from the lots in a vehicle, but expect to arrive around four hours before gametime to beat the traffic. That will also allow you to enjoy some food in the Modelo Tailgate Zone for two to three hours before the game. 

There’s no overnight parking in the lots, but you can reserve a campsite at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, which offers a shuttle service to the stadium. This is also a good way to beat the $100 parking pass for the tailgating lots. Just be sure that if you want to partake in the festivities, you also have a ticket to the Raiders game, otherwise you may be asked to leave.

Allegiant Stadium’s proximity to the Vegas Strip affords it a plethora of additional activities to enjoy after the game. You can stop by a few casinos, see a show or two, walk by the dancing fountains, or simply people watch as the nighttime festivities come to life.