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Why people are opting for an RV camping adventure this summer

Choose an RV Camping Adventure this Summer for Your Vacation

Almost all summer vacations have been cancelled this year. This is especially true if you were traveling out of state or out of the country. Rising case numbers have caused travelers like yourself to rethink their plans in order to keep family members safe. 

While you may not be ready to hop on an airplane or stay in a hotel room anytime soon, there is a solution that will still allow you to make memories with your family on vacation this year. A simple solution is to rent, or purchase, an RV and go camping. 

An RV will allow you to travel to any destination of your choice and stay there without the need of a plane, hotel, or even an Airbnb. You won’t need to worry about wearing a mask while in the airport and on a flight. Nor will you need to wonder how a hotel is keeping up with the new daily cleaning regiment they put in place. 

The RV you choose can be one you drive or one that you pull behind your vehicle. RVs come in many different sizes, so you won’t need to worry that you have one that is too big or too small for your family. Once you have your RV, you can easily place all your belongings that you will need for your trip into it. This will include bedding, clothing, food, toiletries, and even activities like games. Having all these things with you will mean less stops at stores during your RV camping vacation. 

The best part about an RV is you can attach bikes to the back, toss kayaks and paddles on the inside, and have everything you need for an outdoor adventure. You also don’t really need to worry about weight limits for your luggage! 

There are many campgrounds scattered around the country, and since you will be in the great outdoors, you will feel quite safe during your visit. You may need to check out a few different campgrounds before you find one that will suit your needs though. 

A couple campgrounds may still be closed, while others may not have as many amenities open and available as in the past. Therefore, if you want the best RV camping adventure, you will want to choose a campground that offers a few different things you can do in a safe manner. 

A few excellent options include swimming, hiking the trails, bike riding along the trails, boating, and kayaking. Of course, you can also simply sit at your campsite playing games and eating s’mores by the campfire. 

When you arrive at your campsite, you can easily set up a dining area outside, as well as a little seating area. Since most campsites are spaced out quite well, it is simple to social distance from all the other campers. If a campground has some campsites that are not spaced out as much, they will most likely have every other campsite blocked off from use. 

This is also the time to reorganize a few things inside your RV, so that everyone can find things easily during your trip. After all, you don’t want to be interrupted when you are in the middle of a good book, because a family member cannot find the chips or their favorite bathing suit and towel. 

You must also hook up your RV to the water and electric, so you can shower, cook meals, and have lights at night. This is not too difficult to do and you will be shown the steps you must take when you receive your RV. It is imperative you pay close attention, because it will not be as easy to call over a fellow camper with more experience this year. 

Some regular RV campers have had concerns over camping this year, because they feel the camaraderie might not be there between all the campers. While you will not be able to hang out with all the other campers, and even share meals with them, you will still be able to call out, wave, and talk to them from a distance. 

This is not the year to wing it when you go on a RV camping adventure. Reservations are required at most campgrounds and walk-ins are not allowed at many of them. This means that you must make your reservation online, or by phone, and fill out the required paperwork before you arrive for your RV camping adventure. 

This will prevent long lines at check-in and keep everyone socially distanced at the same time. The check-in times may also be later in the day, so you will want to keep an eye on any changes for your camping schedule. 

You can still have fun this summer by choosing an RV camping adventure for your vacation. It may not be as intriguing as the Colosseum in Rome or an amusement park. But it will allow you to spend time together as a family, while you marvel in the wonders of the great outdoors and all the adventures that await you. 

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