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Best Coastal Oregon RV Campgrounds

The entirety of Oregon’s sunset coast is filled with beautiful natural attractions. In fact, the magic that can be found in places like Cannon Beach or Humbug Mountain is so unique to the Pacific Northwest that it can’t be found anywhere else in the country. 

Oswald west state park beach from cape falcon P2467

Because of these jaw-dropping natural wonders, there are dozens of campgrounds all along the coast, making it difficult to sort out the top RV campgrounds along Oregon’s coast. But rest assured, we’ve got a handle on each of the incredible locations to visit.

Best Coastal Oregon RV Campgrounds

We’ve put together this list to help you visit the best of the best in your RV. Sit back, relax, and prepare to plan your next RV camping trip for the Oregon coast

South Beach State Park

Located near the charming town of Newport, South Beach State Park has plenty to offer. Each campsite is just a short walk away from the beach, making for fun-filled days and relaxing evenings an absolute breeze. If you decide to head into the town of Newport, don’t forget to check out the local aquarium or the historic lighthouses. There’s also a group of native sea lions that like to lounge on the Newport docks, surely a salty sight guaranteed to delight.

Harris Beach State Park

Imagine white sandy beaches scattered with towering boulders and surrounded by dense emerald forests. This is exactly the picture of Harris Beach State Park. This coastal Oregon RV campground is further down along the southern coast of Oregon. The dramatic vistas here offer up sights unrivaled to many of the other campgrounds. Be sure to keep on the lookout for grey whales off in the distance, just beyond the massive rocky sea stacks jutting out of the ocean.

Goat Island seen from Harris Beach State Park.

Humbug Mountain State Park

Humbug Mountain State Park is special for many reasons, but there’s one that stands out above all else: Humbug Mountain. This iconic mountain peak looks over the soft sandy beach below, making it possible to combine a great day hike with a relaxing evening on the beach. This hidden oasis is practically begging for RV adventurers to witness its magnificent beauty.

Cape Blanco State Park

Beach at Capo Blanco State Park.
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Another coastal Oregon RV campground which is located on the southern coast of Oregon, Cape Blanco provides astonishing overlooks of the Pacific Ocean. However, the key factor to this state park is that it also marks the westernmost point in the state of Oregon. In other words, expect to find 180-degree views of the ocean for as far as the eye can see. There are also miles of hiking trails available to traverse and a splendid tour of the Capo Blanco lighthouse in the summer months.

Sunset Bay State Park

The beach at Sunset Bay State Park

There’s a reason this Oregon state park is named Sunset Bay. Although each of our RV campgrounds on this list are located on the coast, Sunset Bay is one of the only where you can sit on a 500-foot tall sand dune to watch the sun dip into the ocean. This idyllic location is perfect for hiking, surfing, dune surfing, and certainly for watching the sunset. It is also the only state park on the Cape Arago Beach Loop with full hookups for RV accommodations.

Jesse M. Honeyman State Park

Although the campground for Jesse M. Honeyman State Park may not be right next to the ocean, there’s still an exhilarating way to reach the water.

Dune buggies!

That’s right, available for rent, taking a dune buggy out across the vast expanse of sand dunes provides a perfect opportunity for some adrenaline-pumping activity. The campground is equally as spacious, with over 350 sites with full hookups for amenities, including hot showers to wash off all that sand-coated skin. There are also two freshwater lakes nearby to take advantage of for those seeking to take a break from the saltwater.

Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach State Park
Photo from Wikipedia

Beverly Beach State Park is decorated with tall, looming spruce trees particular to the Pacific Northwest. The campground is quiet and peaceful, even in the busiest of summer months. It even hosts a number of kids’ programs, making it a perfect destination for an RV trip with the family. Beverly Beach is unique in that it merges two seemingly separate worlds into one location. Within this coastal Oregon RV campground, the forest is lush and green, sparkling with mist in the Pacific air. Just a short walk away, however, is a soft sandy beach, complete with peacefully rolling swathes of seagrass.

Cape Lookout State Park

Cape Lookout State Park is unique to the Three Capes Scenic Route because it is the only location that offers RV accommodations. This is another location that is especially good for whale-spotting during their yearly migration in the winter and spring months. The beach is long and shallow, and it’s only a short walk away from the campground to reach the waterfront. There are also hiking trails and a comfortable picnic area to take advantage of during the day. 

Pacific City RV and Camping Resort

Pacific City RV and Camping Resort is actually the only coastal Oregon RV campground on our list that isn’t a state park. You can expect all of the usual accommodations of a campground, including hot showers, fire pits, a pool, and water/electric hookups. However, this family-friendly campground has something that others don’t: bunnies! Each RV site is nestled among spruce trees and multiple sites with oceanfront views. The nearby beach also has some of the best views of the iconic monolith known as Haystack Rock.

Nehalem Bay State Park

Nehalem Bay State Park in Oregon.
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This hot-spot location is widely acclaimed by Oregonians and out-of-state visitors alike. Nehalem Bay is so popular, in fact, that it’s well-advised to book your stay well in advance. This stunning coastal Oregon RV campground state park is located between Nehalem Bay and the Pacific Ocean on a four-mile-long beach. There’s plenty to do, including taking a leisurely bicycle ride along the 1.8-mile path near the beach. Nehalem Bay State Park brings together some of the best elements of RV camping in Oregon and rolls it into one spectacular location.

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